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small choco

premium Greek baklava choco coated

·         portions wrapped up one by one

·         no preservatives

·         no food additives

·         with pure cow butter

·         rich filling with walnut (over 20%) and refined spices

·         chocolate coating

Product duration. Our product is made under great attention and has no conservatives or food additives. Also it is covered with chocolate. So, this gives our product a shelf life duration of 10 months if kept in 18Cº-24Cº degrees or up to 5 months if kept in fridge 4Cº-12Cº .

Weight . A completely hand-made product, without any machine interference to make the best and keep high quality levels. The product (every filippos parcel contains 6 portions/pieces ) weighs 220gr-240gr.

Packaging. After every portion/piece is being wrapped up manually by hand, one by one in special food foil, every 6 portions are enclosured in a propylene bag. Attractive food packaging adds the finishing touch, containing on the back nutrition information. ( we can add or remove information if you want, or we can add an extra language.)

Hand-made production. Without machine interference, in order to keep the product characterized and preserved as traditional and of high quality (according to our ISO certification standards) leads us to restricted quantity. We produce about 2.000 filippos parcels per week that equals to a euro palette (1.920 filippos parcels). This quantity can be doubled if require.

CN NUMBER (TARIC measure information)   -1905908000-

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